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Le Lun 26 janvier 2009 16:04, Stephen Carter a écrit :
>> Our wishlist stood at 56 entries for last report. It has now reached
>> the
>> 76 entries watermark. The current fonts packagers are clearly unable
>> to
>> cope with Fedora demands, fresh blood is needed before it moves into
>> 3-digits land.

Hi Stephen,

> Well then in that case, you may be happy to hear that you have a new
> fonts packager: me. ^.^

/me cheers

> My name is Stephen, and I'm a student in the LUX program at Seneca
> College in Toronto Canada, studying Linux. For a class project, I will
> be packaging up as many fonts as I can, and (hopefully) getting them
> into Fedora.

It will be very good to have someone that packages enough fonts to
identify common problems and suggest ways to help font upstreams
produce something easily packaged.

> I'm mostly clear on the technical details of making the packages, but
> I'm unfamiliar with the whole process for getting the package approved
> and whatnot. If someone could point me in the next direction, that
> would be great!

The whole organisational part of getting a font in Fedora is described

> Also, I'm on IRC a lot, is there an IRC channel where I could ask
> questions specifically related to fonts-packaging?

The canonical channel dedicated to FLOSS fonts on IRC is ##fonts on (multi-distro). You can also ask general fedora
packaging questions on #fedora-devel.

We have packagers on many different timezones, so depending on the
hour there may be no one awake, or people just rising, or people
finishing their night. Don't give up if you have no answer in the same
hour :p

PS: You should also take the time to read

and skim the rest of the Fonts SIG wiki

Nicolas Mailhot

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