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On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 10:04:39AM -0500, Stephen Carter wrote:

> Well then in that case, you may be happy to hear that you have a new
> fonts packager: me. ^.^


> My name is Stephen, and I'm a student in the LUX program at Seneca
> College in Toronto Canada, studying Linux. For a class project, I will
> be packaging up as many fonts as I can, and (hopefully) getting them
> into Fedora. I'm a little late in getting into contact with the
> community, but hey, better late than never! To start off, I've already
> got one font packaged up and ready for review (Epigrafica - I had a
> couple others, but I see they're no longer on the wishlist), but I'm not
> quite sure where to go from here. I'd like to get these started into the
> review process, but I've never done that before so... yeah, what do I do
> next?

You need to create a fas-account, apply for the packager-group and
create a package review request in bugzilla that includes the
information that you need to be sponsored.

A potential sponsor will probably want to see a litte more work done by
you that shows that you've understood the fedora packaging principles -
so doing a couple of 'pre-reviews' of packages (font or not) is probably
a good idea.

There are lots of details on how to join/help on the wiki - start here:

> Also, I'm on IRC a lot, is there an IRC channel where I could ask
> questions specifically related to fonts-packaging?


both on the freenode irc-network.

sven === jabber/xmpp: sven@xxxxxxxxxx

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