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Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Le Lun 26 janvier 2009 16:04, Stephen Carter a écrit :
>>> Our wishlist stood at 56 entries for last report. It has now reached
>>> the
>>> 76 entries watermark. The current fonts packagers are clearly unable
>>> to
>>> cope with Fedora demands, fresh blood is needed before it moves into
>>> 3-digits land.
> Hi Stephen,
>> Well then in that case, you may be happy to hear that you have a new
>> fonts packager: me. ^.^
> /me cheers
>> My name is Stephen, and I'm a student in the LUX program at Seneca
>> College in Toronto Canada, studying Linux. For a class project, I will
>> be packaging up as many fonts as I can, and (hopefully) getting them
>> into Fedora.
> It will be very good to have someone that packages enough fonts to
> identify common problems and suggest ways to help font upstreams
> produce something easily packaged.
>> I'm mostly clear on the technical details of making the packages, but
>> I'm unfamiliar with the whole process for getting the package approved
>> and whatnot. If someone could point me in the next direction, that
>> would be great!
> The whole organisational part of getting a font in Fedora is described
> here:
>> Also, I'm on IRC a lot, is there an IRC channel where I could ask
>> questions specifically related to fonts-packaging?
> The canonical channel dedicated to FLOSS fonts on IRC is ##fonts on
> (multi-distro). You can also ask general fedora
> packaging questions on #fedora-devel.
> We have packagers on many different timezones, so depending on the
> hour there may be no one awake, or people just rising, or people
> finishing their night. Don't give up if you have no answer in the same
> hour :p
> PS: You should also take the time to read
> and skim the rest of the Fonts SIG wiki

Thanks for the quick response, all those links do answer quite a few
questions, but I have one more: What should I do with fonts on the
wishlist that I am working on, or planning on working on? Do I just edit
the wiki and remove them from the wishlist, move them to a different
page, or what? Basically, what I want to know is, how do I let people
know "Hey I'm working on this font!" So that someone else doesn't
duplicate my work.


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