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Dear sirs,

I've just noticed your Nepali fonts on

The Fedora Linux project, of which I am a community contributor, would
very much like to generalise support for all world languages in our free
Linux OS and its derivatives (from commercial Red Hat Entreprise Linux
to charity One Laptop Per Child). That includes Nepali.

If your intention is also to further Nepali support, we'd be very happy
to help you spread your fonts wide.

However, we are very careful about not misappropriating other people's
work, and only distribute material which licensing is clear and
compatible with our distribution model.

Please add some licensing information to your fonts so we can check if
that's the case here (the simplest system is to publish a .txt file
stating the license next to the font files, for example in the same zip
archive; adding the same information to the font metadata is also good
but a .txt file is simpler on users).

If you've reused any other font when creating yours (for example, to
cover the latin unicode blocks) please document it too (the usual way is
through a fontlog .txt file).

Our licensing constrains are explained here:

We've found out that the OFL or the GPL with the FSF font exception are
the best licenses to use with fonts currently. They're the most clear to
users, protect authors solidly, and do not have the awkward side-effects
of other licences.

If investigation shows our distribution models are incompatible, we'll
respect your decision, abandon the idea of integrating your fonts and
not bother you anymore.


Nicolas Mailhot
Fedora Fonts Special Interest Group

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