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I have started to look into font-packaging as the kde-sig needs a couple
of fonts that are currently shipped with e.g. kdeedu and kdelibs
packaged separately.

The first font I am looking into is dustismo:


(Dustismo is currently shipped with kdeedu:

I have a first spec-file here:

As my knowledge about fonts is basically zero I'd like to get some
feedback on the spec-file before submitting this for a package review.

The wishlist wiki-page mentions "GPL with font exception" for this font
- but the font-exception is not in the license that is shipped with the
fonts (GPLv2+) so this is probably wrong. 

The last update of this font was in 2003 - it is currently only
available on 3rd-party font-sites. There doesn't seem to be an
'upstream' anymore.

There are two things I wasn't quite able figure out using the

1. Is it acceptable to ship a font with only the ttf and no other
   The spec template has this:
   > Building fonts from sources is always preferred. For GPLed or LGPLed
   > fonts this is required by the license.

2. I do need some help with filling the description with something

   Again quoting the spec-template:

   > Font descriptions must detail information on the font style,
   > Unicode coverage, and intended use[3] to help users choose the 
   > right packages to install. ... 

   What other information could/should I add to the description

3. fontconfig

   My feeling is that I don't need any fontconfig-files for a font like
   this. Am I right?

Thanks for your feedback.

sven === jabber/xmpp: sven@xxxxxxxxxx

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