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CC-ing a few more TEX folks

Le Mer 14 janvier 2009 12:09, Sarantis Paskalis a écrit :
> Hello,
> Recently an effort has begun to the system infrastructure in fedora
> aware of each font shipped, and this shipment explicit mostly through
> subpackages
> Two of my packages are fonts primarily intended for LaTeX
> (tetex-font-kerkis and tetex-font-cm-lgc).  The guidelines suggest
> splitting the package in the Type 1 font files and TeX-support files.
> The font-related part is mostly sorted out (see
> )
> The TeX-related part consists of files (.sty, .tfm, .ovf, etc) to
> support the use of these fonts in LaTeX.
> Now, the draft for font naming guidelines suggests the srpm name to
> changed from tetex-font-cm-lgc to ctan-cm-lgc-fonts (to which I
> agree).
> The reason for this email is the last line in the proposed table,
> where
> the TeX related subpackage is to be named ctan-cm-lgc-tex.  I think
> this
> is inconsistent with the rest of the TeX world in fedora and would
> like
> some feedback as to what name would be preferable.
> My preference would be to put tex as a prefix and drop ctan as in
> tex-cm-lgc as it is rather obvious for TeX-related stuff; afterall we
> don't have many perl-cpan-perlmodule packages)
> What do other TeX packagers prefer?
> P.S. The only hint I found at existing guidelines is that the prefix
> tex- is preferable
> -- Sarantis

Nicolas Mailhot

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