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Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
So, would the attached fontconfig file be ok according to your knowledge
of Chinese users? (installed as 65-google-droid-sans-fallback.conf)
Since you already have zh_tw in the match sets, why not also include
zh_hk, zh_sg and zh_mo? In the current version of wqy-bitmap-fonts package,
we have something like

          <test compare="contains" name="lang">
maybe Bedhdad can comment on whether this form is recommended or not.

     <test equal="any" compare="eq" name="lang"> ... </test>

The default zh_* font wqy-bitmap-fonts has 61-wqy-bitmapsong.conf, which
claimed priorities for sans and serif aliases. If we want to set Droid as the default in the future, the interactions of these two files should be investigated.
I'm quite happy to learn that even among Chinese people prefer vector
fonts. I prefer them myself, and IMHO they are the future anyway :p.
Song-Ti style font (such as arphic-uming) vector rendering is still too blurry to be accepted by most Chinese users. However, the Hei-Ti style (semi-bold sans) Chinese fonts, such as wqy-zenhei-fonts, fonts from MS vista and Mac OS, have emboldened strokes and are not bad at all for screen use. Most of these vector
supporters were attracted by one of these Hei-ti fonts.
However, to keep everyone happy, can you share with us what your
declinaison of vector/bitmap fontconfig rules would be for Droid? It's
quite easy for me to put two different files in the rpm, with only one
linked in /etc/conf.d/ by default.
Both are working fine with me, I mean either 1) bitmap Chinese + vector non-CJK glyphs or 2) vector sans-serif font for both Chinese and non-Chinese. Setting hintstyle to hintslight with subpixel-hinting on works the best for vector one on my LCD.
Since Droid does not come with embedded bitmaps, the only way to get
bitmap+Droid working is to use fontconfig to synthesize with the presence
of wqy-bitmap-fonts.

I support your idea of making two files in conf.avail and link one, which is
the current wqy-zenhei settings in Ubuntu (we have 44-wqy-zenhei.conf
and 66-wqy-zenhei-sharp.conf). But letting the ordinary users to switch
between the two settings is still kind of difficult, you have to tell them exactly
what to do and put these instructions in a highly visible place.


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