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Just a few more words about default Chinese font settings.

There seem be a distinct dividing line among the Chinese
users for their font preferences: on one side of the line,
they really prefer sharp-looking bitmaped Chinese glyphs, while,
the other side have strong preference in the smooth-looking of
AA-ed vector rendering. The contradictions between these two
groups can be constantly felt in almost all Chinese Linux

Using Ubuntu as an example, when Ubuntu 8.04 set wqy-zenhei
as the default Chinese Sans font, it has the embedded bitmaps turned
on by default. There was a strong rally against using the
embedded bitmaps, because they like the vector form of
ZenHei. I have to put instructions on our front page to tell
people how to turn off the bitmaps. After a 400-participant
survey, somebody proved that vector-preferred users are about
3:1 to the bitmap ones (in Chinese)
So, in 8.10, the bitmaps in ZenHei was turned off. Now,
the CN forum of ubuntu is flooded with complains of
losing their "sharp-looking glyphs", and asking how to turn
on the bitmaps. I had to make another sticky post at our website
to teach people how to turn it back on.

What I want to say is, these two groups both have significant
number of supporters. As the current settings on Fedora is
the bitmap way. I would anticipate some disturbance among
the users for the font style switching from one to the other
if we decide to use Droid(or derivatives) as the default.
Hope the font-selector tool can be released timely to help
sorting out the font preference chaos:

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

As you probably know Google has released a Droid font set as part of its
Android platform. While the font licensing is being clarified
(Fedora packaging blocker) I've taken a quick look at the font files.

The set includes a huge "Droid Sans Fallback" font with CJK coverage.
Could the CJK folks take a look at it and tell me how this font should
be treated: as Japanese-only, Chinese-only, Korean-only before/after
current CJK defaults, etc? Han unification means someone will probably
not be happy about it.

I've uploaded preliminary droid packages there

so people can check them out.



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