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Le dimanche 23 novembre 2008 à 09:47 -0500, Qianqian Fang a écrit :
> hi Nicolas

> The Han glyphs in Droid fallback pretty much follow the Han-unification
> as in the unicode documentations. That means they look very much close
> to what Chinese mainland users preferred. The style is Heiti, which is like
> ttf-wqy-zenhei and is essentially a sans-serif style. There are 16,502 Hanzi
> in the CJK basic block, which is the union of GB2312 and Big5 charsets.
> Because this font is targeted at memory-limited devices, there are
> 15,524 Han glyphs were composed by references, the rest are stand-alone
> outline glyphs which can not be decomposed into components.
> It contains no embedded bitmaps, but the outline quality is very good.
> I believe most zh_* users will be very happy if this font will be used
> as desktop font (the current zh_* font on Fedora is wqy-bitmapfont
> which is also using the Han-unification forms). It may be a little bit
> difficult for Japanese and Korean users though.


> Just a few more words about default Chinese font settings.
> There seem be a distinct dividing line among the Chinese
> users for their font preferences: on one side of the line,
> they really prefer sharp-looking bitmaped Chinese glyphs, while,
> the other side have strong preference in the smooth-looking of
> AA-ed vector rendering. The contradictions between these two
> groups can be constantly felt in almost all Chinese Linux
> forums.

So, would the attached fontconfig file be ok according to your knowledge
of Chinese users? (installed as 65-google-droid-sans-fallback.conf)

I'm quite happy to learn that even among Chinese people prefer vector
fonts. I prefer them myself, and IMHO they are the future anyway :p.

However, to keep everyone happy, can you share with us what your
declinaison of vector/bitmap fontconfig rules would be for Droid? It's
quite easy for me to put two different files in the rpm, with only one
linked in /etc/conf.d/ by default.


Nicolas Mailhot

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