Re: An application to help find cloud images (in multiple clouds)

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On Thu, Feb 9, 2023, at 22:30, Duncan, David wrote:
> Apologies for the top post. I am stuck in Outlook: 

You are forgiven. 😆

> I love the idea of having our own DB for managing this. Is this 
> something similar to what Scott Moser did for the Ubuntu Finder with a 
> JSON stream? Do we need to gather it or should we report it back in 
> deploying the images? 

Possibly. We're thinking about a system with two main interfaces:

1) A web frontend for quick access to data or access to people who don't need an API

2) An API that provides structured data, including JSON and data formats for specific provisioning tools such as terraform or ansible

The idea would be to:

1) Gather all image data from cloud providers (in all regions)
2) Store that data
3) Transform that data into a common schema that contains the information that clients would need
4) Serve the structured data from an object storage bucket on AWS, Azure, Backblaze, or some other service

Steps 1-4 would be automated, of course.

Major Hayden
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