An application to help find cloud images (in multiple clouds)

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Hey there,

Nearly all of my Fedora usage is in the cloud (I guess I picked the right SIG to join) and one of my frustrations is finding the right image to use. 🥵

Fedora does make this fairly simple on the cloud page[0], but I see two issues here:

1) Sometimes new images are available in AWS, but the Fedora page points to an older version.

2) Sometimes I want an older version of Fedora (or rawhide!) and that's not listed.

When I want a particular version of Fedora in a container, it's really easy to fire up podman and pull some images from known URLs:

I'd love to have some kind of tool that would look up this information and give me the appropriate AMI ID at AWS so I could say "launch Fedora 37 latest" and get it where I want it. Frankly, I'd love this for CentOS, RHEL, and other distros, too. 💙

My team at Red Hat came up with the idea of a locator service that would gather data from upstream locations (AWS, Azure, GCP, and others), compile the image data into a common schema, and make it available for API calls and a web frontend.

CoreOS already does something like this and offers a JSON[1] file with a standardized schema that makes it easier to find the current released in various locations.

Would this type of application be useful for others in the Fedora community? We'd like to know if there would be broader interest here in this idea or if there's something else that makes more sense to pursue.

Thanks! 👋


Major Hayden
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