Re: An application to help find cloud images (in multiple clouds)

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On Tue, Jan 31, 2023, at 9:10 PM, Major Hayden wrote:

> My team at Red Hat came up with the idea of a locator service that 
> would gather data from upstream locations (AWS, Azure, GCP, and 
> others), compile the image data into a common schema, and make it 
> available for API calls and a web frontend.

I hope we could also share a common model with CentOS Stream, which doesn't seem to have any answer at all today?

> CoreOS already does something like this and offers a JSON[1] file with 
> a standardized schema that makes it easier to find the current released 
> in various locations.

Yep, would love to think about how we can share code/approaches here with other Fedora images!
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