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Update: "master" is a reserved word in Antora and is currently the
only way to produce "unversioned" URLs[1]. While there are ways we can
work around this (e.g. by creating redirects for old URLs to start
using "main/"), this has drawbacks: it requires creating those
redirects (which is low, but non-zero effort and requires more as
other teams move to using "main" as the default repo) and it would
result in local builds not working the way production builds do (i.e
links may appear broken in local builds when they're not in the
production version).

Given that the term "master" is relatively unexposed in our
documentation anyway, I propose we put this on hold for now. I'll file
an issue upstream to ask for a way to implement the desired behavior
and once that is available, we can move forward. Changing non-Antora
repos to use main as the default branch can still proceed where
tooling supports it.


Ben Cotton
He / Him / His
Senior Program Manager, Fedora & CentOS Stream
Red Hat
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