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Hi all. At today's Fedora Council "virtual face-to-face" meeting, we
decided that it's time to move our discussion from this mailing list
and IRC to more modern platforms: namely, Discourse via
https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/ and Matrix via ... something yet
to be determined, but probably initially a channel on element.io and
then eventually our own server.

Some Fedora Teams, like the Magazine, have already moved from the
mailing list, and noted a significant increase in visiblity and
participation. The fact is, even those of us who proudly self-identify
as "old school" are reluctant to sign up for yet-another-mailing-list
these days. It's a serious barrier to project entry.

And IRC ... it's served us well, but... it's also not kept up, and it's
*long* been a problem we've seen in attracting new contributors. More
and more new projects turn to Slack or Discord for their real-time
discussions. I'd like us to move to something open source while such
things are viable, and hopefully by doing so help them stay
competitive. Since we don't have a Matrix server up and running, this
is a little further off, but I wanted to mention it here.

In any case, we plan to:

* Bridge IRC and Matrix, so that you can stay on IRC and interact if
  that's your preference. Freenode isn't going away anytime soon!

* Plan to port zodbot to be a Matrix-native bot, so we can have logged
  meetings, cookies-with-badges, adamw "firing" people, etc.

* Retire this list for new posts (tentatively, starting December 1st),
  and instead direct conversation to

* Set up a bot to automatically post summaries of discussion from that
  category to this list, so that long-term subscribers aren't left out

Note that unlike a "BB"-style web forum, you can interact with
discussion.fedoraproject.org via email, including getting individual
new posts and responding in your mail client. It isn't quite a
first-class experience, though -- there are many features which are web

Any questions about any of this? Anything I haven't thought of?

Matthew Miller
Fedora Project Leader
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