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Fedora is lucky to have great metrics and data about our community;
however, as others mentioned, we have not used it as well as we could.

A good goal for community metrics to get direct feedback from the Fedora
contributor community. This was the goal of the demographic /
contributor survey planning in 2017 because the Diversity & Inclusion
Team recognized the importance of creating more bidirectional feedback
loops between the Fedora community and Fedora leadership.

On 11/12/19 11:17 AM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> I am thinking, though, of creating a "please survey me" mailing list that
> people can opt-in to — if you sign up, we'll email you once every three
> months or six months or so.

Note there is sampling bias (convenience sampling) with this idea. Those
who opt in to this list and participate are people who are especially
motivated to subscribe and share feedback with Fedora leadership. This
will get some feedback, but you will likely get feedback from a specific
subset (perhaps an already vocal subset) of the community.

If directly emailing is off the table (which personally does not
irritate me as a community contributor), then I think we could be more
creative about where to get people's attention. For example, Elections
are an activity typically done by an active, dedicated group of
contributors. Embedding a link to the survey in the Elections site might
solicit feedback from more types of contributors than an opt-in list.

Justin W. Flory
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