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I've prepared the following page and would be grateful for Council feedback:

This objective stems from the talk that some folks may have seen me
give at Flock in Dresden. Our goal is ultimately to figure out how to
effectively deliver a more flexible platform and
application/userspace. Some of the improvements we hope to make
include those Matthew Miller has talked about frequently, such as
faster, iterative delivery. I'd propose myself as the Council

The Objective isn't "here are the <N> simple steps to make this so,"
but it does aim to get there as an early step in the process
(discovery/investigation and proposing solutions). In a rare alignment
of the stars, I happen to be able to bring hands to the table to work
on this Objective. :-) IOW, it's not a plea for help, although of
course we'll be (1) open to collaboration with anyone who wants to
pitch in, and (1) transparent to the community on plans and activities
(it's Fedora!).

Looking forward to your input.

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