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El mié, 03-10-2018 a las 17:33 -0400, Paul Frields escribió:
> I've prepared the following page and would be grateful for Council
> feedback:
> This objective stems from the talk that some folks may have seen me
> give at Flock in Dresden. Our goal is ultimately to figure out how to
> effectively deliver a more flexible platform and
> application/userspace. Some of the improvements we hope to make
> include those Matthew Miller has talked about frequently, such as
> faster, iterative delivery. I'd propose myself as the Council
> liaison/lead.
> The Objective isn't "here are the <N> simple steps to make this so,"
> but it does aim to get there as an early step in the process
> (discovery/investigation and proposing solutions). In a rare
> alignment
> of the stars, I happen to be able to bring hands to the table to work
> on this Objective. :-) IOW, it's not a plea for help, although of
> course we'll be (1) open to collaboration with anyone who wants to
> pitch in, and (1) transparent to the community on plans and
> activities
> (it's Fedora!).
> Looking forward to your input.
I like the ideas behind the proposal. From the view of someone whop has
looked at how we could achieve this in the past I see a technical
sticking point, that is how to ensure that we make sure that all the
different pieces are built on a supported base. The solution that I
kept coming to was that we needed to move to a rolling release in order
to allow different pieces to release and be supported on their own
time-lines. Where would we then have points in time for promotion from
one stream to another, i.e. development to stable.  Maybe I am going
off into the technical details too much for here, however this is a
problem that I would like to help solve.


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