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>From a format perspective, please allow me to say "wow". This is
great. My only suggestion would be to put a quick summary of the
desired end state at the beginning in case I'm too lazy to read it all
the way through.

As for the substance, what I'd like to see explicitly mentioned is the
benefit to Fedora. You talk about not having to constrain ourselves to
the platform's release schedule, but I feel like there's one more step
there. What will the decoupling of application and platform truly mean
for someone who is using a Fedora deliverable?

I ask this in part because I would want to pre-address concerns from
the community, press, etc, that Fedora as an OS is dead. It's an
uncharitable interpretation of your proposal, but I can see it coming
up. My conversation with Adam Samalik last night clarified it some for
me, but I feel like there's some assumed knowledge in this that I
don't have.

None of this is to say I'm in any way opposed to the proposal, I just
don't quiiiiite get it, and I'd like to.


Ben Cotton
Fedora Program Manager
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