Re: Coolkey use problems on Fedora 14 (no token available)

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On 02/09/2011 12:33 PM, Guy wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm the one who started this thread but it got slightly derailed and
> biased towards gentoo.
> My systems are Opensuse 11.3 and Fedora14 and the problem I have is
> that I do not get prompted for the PIN when issueing either
> pkcs11_inspect or pkcs11_listcerts. I've never seen it work on either
> of these systems. Pcsc_scan works though, it never complains.
This seems to indicate a problem with the pkcs11 module (probably
coolkey). Is the card you are using an actual CAC card, or one of
ActiveCard's 'CAC-Like' (where they use the CAC applet, but issued
through some other agency than DISA).
> My Opensuse 11.3 bears all the latest pcsc-lite, opensc, coolkey, etc
> packages. The Fedora14 system is stock + all automatic updates.
> I run these 2 systems on a Dell Lattitude D830 over the usb port
> (opensuse on a usb disk, fedora on a usb memory stick).
> I plugged the Fedorea usb stick into my home tower pc, with an Asus
> mobo, but the results are the same, so it's not Dell specific.
> My home tower pc runs Opensuse 11.0 natively and there it just works
> fine, I'm asked for the PIN and when supplied I get the certificates
> listed.
> The coolkey package, version 1.1.0-79.1, dates from June 2008.
Thanks, this is helpful. How many certs does your card have?

> Gtz,
> Guy.

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