Re: Notifying post-install tools about screens seen by the user - final spec proposal for review

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Following the feedback for V2 of the spec I have written a (hopefully
formal enough) specification document and submitted it as a pull
request[0] for the Anaconda Git repo, where the specification should
also be maintained in the future if corrections or amendments need to
be made.

The document should be pretty close to the feedback to from the
discussion so far, with the only major addition being the new
"post_install_tools_disabled" top-level namespace key, that basically
maps the "firstboot --disable"[1] kickstart command to the
configuration file.

This addition was based on user feedback, that even though the Initial
Setup tool is disabled if "firstboot --disable" kickstart command is
present, other tools such as Gnome Initial Setup, will still run. As
other tools than Initial Setup are out of scope of Anaconda the user
interaction configuration file seems like a perfect way of telling post
installation tools that the user has requested (via kickstart) that
their run should be skipped .

Like this no knowledge of arbitrary post installation tools needs to be
hardwired into Anaconda and all tools parsing the user interaction
configuration file can detect this condition themselves and cancel
their run in an appropriate way.

Looking forward to you feedback - either here or in the pull request.

Best wishes
Martin Kolman


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