Re: Notifying post-install tools about screens seen by the user - spec V2

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So this is how I thin the "specification" could look like based on the discussion so far:

* a single config file in /etc/sysconfig/anaconda
* the file contains one section for every spoke screen present during the installation
* section naming is based on the spoke class name for every screen
* each section contains a "visited" key with value of either 0 or 1
* each section might contain one or more changed_<setting>=1 keys
* the keys are there only if the user actually changed something and always equal 1
- the idea is basically to simplify the change reporting code to only report changes,
  so that we don't need to keep (at least for now) a directory of all things that can be
  changed on a spoke but just trigger an action that adds the given "changed_<setting>"
  line when the user actually touches something





Also as implementing the changed_* logic is a a bit more involved than just tracking spoke
visits I propose that the initial implementation has change tracking just for the timedate spoke,
with change tracking for other spokes being implemented incrementally based on pre & post install tool

Looking forward to further feedback! :)

Kind Regards
Martin Kolman


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