Notifying post-install tools about screens seen by the user

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The idea is that we should not show configuration screens the users has
already visited during the installation in post-installation tools,
such as Initial Setup and Gnome Initial Setup. 

An example of such a screen is the timezone spoke - if the user already
visited the timezone spoke during the installation it is unlikely to be
useful showing it again in IS or GIS. So there should be a way for
Anaconda to tell the post-installation tools what screens have been
visited by a user during the installation, so that the tools can hide
or skip the given screen.

While Anaconda already produces a kickstart file after successful
installation, the resulting commands in the file don't really map to
individual screens and there is no information about what commands have
been generated automatically, based on user action or which were part
of an initial kickstart file used for the installation. Also parsing a
kickstart file in a robust way really requires Pykickstart, which might
not be straightforward to use (at least without wrappers) from post
-install utilities not written in Python, such as Gnome Initial Setup.

Therefore a separate simple configuration file forwarding the needed
information about visited screens to post-installation tools is needed.

Manual installation description file proposal

* use the "INI file like" config file format
- can be easily parsed from Python using the configparser module
- should be also easy to parse from C and other programming languages
  due to widespread use of INI files
* stored in /etc/anaconda/manual_installation.ini
- other name/path suggestions welcome! :)
* header sections corresponding to spokes
* sections for now only contain a visited=1 key/value pair
* could be easily extended in the future to include more information
  about what user did in the spoke if needed
* example config file snippet:


* it seems sensible to write sections only for spokes that the user
  visited, not all spokes
* all sub-classes of the Spoke class should be recorder if they are 
  visited, including addons
* Initial Setup will also need to record spoke visits as there might be
  another setup tool chained behind it 
  (and GIS indeed runs after IS on RHEL7)
* should we also report hubs the user has visited ? at least for now 
the number of hubs and their order are fixed

Looking forward to your feedback! :)

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