Re: ALSA MIDI on Raspberry PI: no events from input device (USB keyboard)

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So, I've seen that a working MIDI keyboard "creates" this device:


while my problematic MIDI keyboard has instead:


see that "C1"?
This has to do with "amidi --dump" requiring "--port hw:1" instead of
the usual "--port hw:0"

How can I configure ALSA (.asoundrc?) in order to correctly "map" that
"port hw:1", so it can be used by a MIDI softsynth, which expects


Il giorno sab 30 gen 2021 alle ore 18:54 Fernando Carello
<fcarello@xxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:
> > > No events with asqedump:  :-(
> >
> > Try with "amidi --dump --port hw:1".
> This works!
> amidi --dump --port hw:1
> 90 42 17
> 80 42 00
> 90 3D 19
> 90 3F 0C
> Thanks a lot!
> Now, how should I configure ALSA in order for my softsynth
> (ZynAddSubFx) to "see" this keyboard?
> > Do other USB MIDI devices (or USB devices) work?
> Yes, other MIDI USB keyboards (for example Akai LPK25) work fine;
> "aseqdump" shows MIDI messages and the softsynth plays without issues.

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