Re: Display glitch using new Linux on old Laptop

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On Tue, 13 Jun 2006, paul womack wrote:

> Mark Vojkovich wrote:
> >    If you were using the neomagic driver and the rendering
> > was wrong while the vga driver rendered correctly, that implies
> > a HW acceleration problem with the neomagic driver.  You might
> > try using the neomagic driver with:
> >
> >    Option "noaccel"
> >
> > in the Section "Device" of the XF86Config file.  If that works
> > but is slow, you can add Option "ShadowFB", which should be
> > faster.  Another option would be to omit the "noaccel" and
> > "ShadowFB" options and instead try to turn off the acceleration
> > feature that is broken.  It's not clear which feature that is
> > so it would take some experimentation, but for starters, I'd
> > try:
> >
> >    Option "XaaNoPixmapCache"
> >    Option "XaaNoOffscreenPixmaps"
> Thanks for your hints. Sadly, my problems
> seem rather "deep".
> I switched (down) to VGA driver (guessing that the chip
> might support it) and set 800x600 24 bit,
> and still had the same problem.
> The only setting that gave non-bugged display
> was VGA, 1024x768, 256 (paletted) colours!

   The VGA driver only supports 640x480 with 16 colors, so
you can't have been running the VGA driver, which brings up
the question of what you actually are running.

> This is a little limiting :-)
> So I suspect my problem is rather deep rooted.
> I have run Mandrake 9.0, 9.1, 9.2 and 10.1 successfully
> on this machine; this is the first graphics
> problem I've had.
> Any hints (as always...) gratefully accepted.

   The "broken display" snapshot you showed looked like a rendering
problem (like pixmaps were blitted to the wrong place).  That can't
still be happening with Option "noaccel" or it's an application
issue, not a server issue.  You need to send us your /var/log/XFree86.0.log
file so we can see what you're really running.


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