Re: xserver sync rate problem

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On Thursday 19 December 2002 05:18 pm, Chris Capaci wrote:
> hi, i am having a problem with the sync rates when the x server starts up.
> i have grapchical login enabled, and i know how to change it to text login,
> but i can't back out of the xserver once it starts. i tried
> ctr-alt-backspace but it doesn't work. is there any way to get to a shell
> prompt so i can manually change the default login option? any help will be
> appreciated. you can reply to


	You can change to a virtual console by pressing the key combination "control+ 
Alt+ F2 through F6". (X generally runs on console 7 (Control+ Alt+ F7)  From 
there you can edit /etc/inittab with your favorite text editor. In order for 
the change to take effect, the easiest thing to do is reboot.	There is 
another way, I believe but I'm just lazy enough to not hunt for it.

Regards, Ernie
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