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Hello All.
I have decided to make the change from Windows to FreeBSD. I am still getting use to the CLI and would like a GUI. I have done the 'xf86cfg' and entered my hardware as follows:
Video - S3 ProSavage KM133 is returned by 'scanpci' - (I selected the prosavage from 'xf86cfg'- 16MB/16384KB)
Monitor - KDS Visual Sensation(17") 30-72kHz Hor and 50-160 Vert
Keyboard - Standard 104 US
Mouse - /dev/sysmouse
The issue... when I key in 'startx' or 'XFree86 -xf86config "/etc/X11/XF86Config"' the X server starts, my screen changes res to what looks like 1024x786(based on the courser size) and freezes. At no time is a proper image displayed. The colors are all there it looks to be 16 bit color. The mouse courser is the only item that shows up OK. At this point everything freezes if I used "startx". No the mouse still works if I used "XFree86...." but as with startx all is frozen. I have to power off the computer to proceed. An error message is displayed before the GUI comes up but I can't read that fast!
The OS is FreeBSD 4.7 and the X version is 4.20. I don't know what other info might be of value...I can provide any info you need to assist me.
So and feed back would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you for you time

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