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On Wed, 18 Dec 2002, Mr. J. Sweet wrote:

>Hello All. I have decided to make the change from Windows to FreeBSD. I
>am still getting use to the CLI and would like a GUI. I have done the
>'xf86cfg' and entered my hardware as follows: Video - S3 ProSavage
>KM133 is returned by 'scanpci' - (I selected the prosavage from
>'xf86cfg'- 16MB/16384KB) Monitor - KDS Visual Sensation(17") 30-72kHz
>Hor and 50-160 Vert Keyboard - Standard 104 US Mouse - /dev/sysmouse
>The issue... when I key in 'startx' or 'XFree86 -xf86config
>"/etc/X11/XF86Config"' the X server starts, my screen changes res to
>what looks like 1024x786(based on the courser size) and freezes. At no
>time is a proper image displayed. The colors are all there it looks to
>be 16 bit color. The mouse courser is the only item that shows up OK.
>At this point everything freezes if I used "startx". No the mouse still
>works if I used "XFree86...." but as with startx all is frozen. I have
>to power off the computer to proceed. An error message is displayed
>before the GUI comes up but I can't read that fast!
>The OS is FreeBSD 4.7 and the X version is 4.20. I don't know what
>other info might be of value...I can provide any info you need to
>assist me.
>So and feed back would be greatly appreciated!

1. Get the latest 1.1.26t drivers from here:

These will be tarred and gzipped (.tgz).  Uncompress and untar them in a 
temporary-work directory ( tar -xzvf filename.tgz) and you will see a 
file called savage_drv.o  Back up your old savage_drv.o (which is 
probably in /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers/ but check with some FreeBSD 
gurus if you can't find it there).  Copy or move the new savage_drv.o to 
where the old one was.  Make sure that the permissions are the same ("ls 
-l" to display the permissions "chmod XYZ savage_drv.o" to change them, 
see "man chmod" for more info).

The further information that you can provide to the list will come from 
whereever FreeBSD stores its X error logs (/var/log/XFree86.0.log ?).  
If you examine this log for errors it's usually very informative.

Oisin Feeley


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