Re: Xfree86- and Intel i815

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I'm using Compaq Presario and I have i815 working on Debian Woody with X
configured as if I was using i810.
The problem is that my crappy monitor does not work with resolutions higher
than 800x600 with comfortable refresh rate, so I never tried to use
anything higher than that.

Also, what do you mean by distorted image?... I think that would be
helpful for more experienced users on the list answering your question

GFDH> I'm trying to setup Debian 3.0R0 on a COMPAQ DeskPro EN which uses
GFDH> the Intel i815 chipset, unfortunately I can't seem to get it working
GFDH> properly
GFDH> (can't seem to get the screen resolution straight....);
GFDH> The highest resolution I can get is 800x600 but even then the image is
GFDH> distorted...

GFDH> Has anyone ever gotten this to work properly?, is there any experience 
GFDH> with i815
GFDH> out there?
GFDH> Does anyone have a working config...... can I copy?

GFDH> Thanks in advance,

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Best regards,


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