X startup and KDE

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Hey everybody,

As far as I can imagine, this is a totally newbie question, but
neither going through man pages nor other people's questions did not
help. Here's the question.
I've been using graphical login I installed Debian Woody on
my machine for the first time and it was only after I started using standard
terminal to log in that I realized that depending on what user I run
starx as, the look and general settings of KDE, which I use as my
desktop manager, is different. How exactly does KDE know which
settings to use? My first guess was that it looks for something in
.Xauthority, but exporting it's contents doesn't change anything.
Also, where is the default desktop manager to be used after X startup,
in my case KDE, specified?

Sorry if this is a KDE rather than X question, but I'm hoping people
on the list have experience with it as well.

Best regards,
 Yaroslav                          mailto:yas@drexel.edu


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