Re: Problems with XFree on my laptop

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On Thursday 12 December 2002 01:40 am, Jan-Christian Krause wrote:
> Hello everybody outthere using XFree ;),
> I've got some problems with XFree86 on my Compaq Armada 1530D. I
> installed the RedHat 5.2 distribution on this machine and tried to
> configure the X-Server with "xf86config". You can find my "XF86Config"-File
> below. After starting the X-Server it works with a resolution of 320x200
> pixels. I can't change the resolution by pressing ALT+CTRL+"+". If i use
> the RedHat-tool "Xconfigurator" there is a higher resolution, but I
> couldn't see anything on the screen because of flickering :(. I believe
> that this is why I don't know the exact vertical and horizontal frequences
> of my tft-display. I wrote a mail to the hp/compaq support, but they didn't
> answer.
> Does anybody have an idea or a tip for me to fix my problem?

You might try this site for info they seem to have X configs and screen info 
for a 1500D and a 1530C You might try the more conservative of those.

Regards, Ernie
100% Microsoft and Intel free


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