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Okay, I'm game.  I think the last time you wrote you had a PCI nVidia
card, not an AGP one.  PCI cards can't use AGP functions at all, thus the
results you have.  If you want AGP supported in your system, but don't
want a card in the AGP slot, best to use 'modprobe -a agpgart' and
disable NvAGP entirely.

"Stride the storm or it will dance you."
 - Michael D. Beams

On Thu, 5 Dec 2002 13:46:32 -0500 Ernie Schroder <>
> Hi All,
>         I've posted regarding this problem before but in connection 
> with my Nvidia 
> GeForce4 problems. I've gotten a lot of help with the card but I 
> still can't 
> use AGP. If option NvAGP is set to "2" or "3" agpgart is loaded at 
> "startx"
> and glxgears hangs system. If it is set to "1" agpgart is not loaded 
> and 
> glxgears hangs system still. 
>         NvAGP option "0" (disable AGP) results in glxgears humming 
> along smoothly 
> with a frame rate of about 2300 FPS
>         So, I figured, what the hell, the computer is smarter than 
> me, so I'll let 
> IT write an and try that. So I do "XFree86 
> -configure" and 
> that fails with a fatal error saying it found a configuration but 
> couldn't 
> write it, or something to that effect. Attached is XFree86.0.log and 
> the 
> output of scanpci -v. Let me know if more info is needed
> -- 
> Regards, Ernie
> 100% Microsoft and Intel free

"Stride the storm or it will dance you."
- Michael D. Beams

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