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Hey there,

yesterday I downloaded the CVS sources of X, since I'm using a i845G. It
compiled fine and gives me some slight errors on the i845G (like bios
checksum not ok and it can't find the hardware mouse pointer, atleast, I
think hw mouse pointer is meant to be the hardware accelerated mouse
pointer thingy). Anyways, the option to disable ctrl-alt-bs is commented
out in the config file but it doesn't work anyways. Any ideas why this
won't work?

Also, slightly OT, I didn't recompile KDE, Gnome n such... I just rm
-rf'ed the /usr/X11R6 directory and the /etc/X11 and recompiled X and
installed it. Now I just use KDE at the moment and haven't tested gnome
yet but it appears to run fine. Anyways... should I rebuild these
anyways to avoid possible problems or are the interfaces written in such
a way it's safe to use versions compiled against older X versions?


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