font issue?

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Not sure if its a problem with XF (downloaded the xc release via CVS about a
week ago).

Trying to run Adobe Acrobat and I receive the following error:

[jeff@linux2 bin]$ ./acroread
Warning: charset "UTF-8" not supported, using "ISO8859-1".

started with: RH8.0
kernel 2.4.20-rc4 (needed for IDE DMA)

Also on a side note..

I have an Intel motherboard with the 845G chipset, I've disabled the
"DRI" driver in the config file as per the notes on the 830/845G driver
posted on the xfree86 site concerning the lockup problems (which existed
for me).

The problem is the text/graphics although quite readable do not appear to
be crisp.  My monitor is currently running 1024x768 with the refresh
rates at  H 68.6kHz and V 85Hz, the monitor is capable of horizontal 30-70kHz
and 50-160Hz.  Is there something I'm missing?



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