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On Saturday, November 30, 2002, at 12:45  PM, Daryl Lee wrote:

was well, except that the size of the virtual screen is bigger than the
size of the physical screen, resulting in a lot of vertical and horizontal
panning. But it beats 640x480.
I ran into that, and some searching seemed to indicate that the size of the virtual desktop is always the size of the largest resolution you have specified in your XFree86Config file. So, if you have a setting for 1600x1200, but are (currently) running the monitor at 1280x1024, the virtual desktop is still at 1600x1200. So, if you really aren't going to use the 1600x1200 setting you can set it so the one you use is the biggest one in the config file.

Hope that helps.

Robert (X newbie too)


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