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On Sun, 1 Dec 2002, Hans Borg wrote:

>I am really sorry for the interpretation of my RH comments.
>It was definitely not sent to flame group nor to degrade RH. 
>The group is for help out, no doubt. I was just puzzled by
>all RH problems in conjunctions with XF86 and installs sent
>to this group, and wanted to hear other peoples opinions.
>That also include securuty holes. Is that wrong ???
>I may have phrased my self badly.
>All my apologizes.
>Do you Oisin Feeley also accept this ?
No worries Hans!  I just don't think distro-comparison discussions are a 
good idea.  They inevitably degrade into flame wars.  As I posted before 
I think that one sees more RH-newbie posts because of market-share. A 
lot of more experienced users are comfortable with the other excellent 
distributions that they got used to before RH became so popular.

I don't know of any reliable security-analysis whitepapers that shows 
that one distro is more/less secure than another.  The thing is that 
once a user installs any distribution they can (mis)configure it as 
badly as they like or as well as they like.  A Lindows box can be locked 
down securely by an experienced admin and an OpenBSD can be turned into 
a joke by an inexperienced admin.

Best wishes,
Oisin Feeley


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