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I am really sorry for the interpretation of my RH comments.
It was definitely not sent to flame group nor to degrade RH. 
The group is for help out, no doubt. I was just puzzled by
all RH problems in conjunctions with XF86 and installs sent
to this group, and wanted to hear other peoples opinions.
That also include securuty holes. Is that wrong ???
I may have phrased my self badly.

All my apologizes.

Do you Oisin Feeley also accept this ?


At 16:16 2002-11-30 -0800, you wrote:
>On Sat, 30 Nov 2002, Hans Borg wrote:
>>Hi all,

>>Have followed this forum for a time.
>>No doubt that video-cards and associated monitors present problems
>>in any X-server used (XFree86, XFreeBSD .....).
>>My impression, though, is that a lot of people using RedHat are running
>>into problems. I my self is using Slackware. I have been told that Slackware
>>requires more "knowledge". Isn't  that what Linux is about. The user have
>>control. RedHat seems to approach MS-widows OS. That is probably why
>>I am getting so many reports about security holes introduced by RedHat. 
>>Other peoples opinion would be interesting to hear.
>Slackware is a great distribution.  So are all the other distributions.  
>Red Hat has the largest market share so more people are using it.  Also 
>Red Hat tends to attract more newbies because it appears a little easier 
>or has that reputation.
>The newbie@xfree86 list probably isn't the best place to start a 
>distro-flamewar.  These are always non-productive, convey no information 
>to anyone and waste electrons.  It'd be best if we all concentrated on 
>helping each other sort out problems where we can.
>Sorry if this post sounds a little rude, but I'm sick of 
>distro-discussions.  Let's keep it technical and help each other out 
>instead.  (Otherwise the *BSD people will triumph ;-)  )
>Oisin Feeley
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