Re: Does anyone know anything about compiling Mozilla?

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On Mon, 2 Dec 2002, Joshua L. McDowell wrote:

>  After finally getting mozilla to compile and install in hopes that it 
>would run better it runs much worse.  It's laggy and so on, can anyone 
>offer any insight as to why this is?
>Joshua L. McDowell

You'll get more help on this question from one of the 
newsgroups or on your distro-specific mailinglist.  But here are some 
1. Your distro comes with prelink support and the previous version of 
mozilla was prelinked and this one isn't?
2. During "./configure" you didn't pass aggressive optimizations to the 
compiler and your previous mozilla was built that way?
3. You may be having some font issues (check the /var/log/messages)

Was any of that any use?

Oisin Feeley


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