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Hi Rafael, 

Sure this is for newbies. But you have to be a little more precise.
Both video and sound cards are tricky.

Can you specify your Slackware distribution but "recent" (8.1 etc.) ?
Can you probe your card for the real sound card ? (Try lspci).
If I can help, I will come back to you.

At 15:11 2002-11-24 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello folks,
>	Since I am writing to this newsgroup you
>all can tell I am a newbie.  Anyhow I am trying to
>get sound working in Xwindows.  I am currently
>running Slackware (recent version) and was able to
>get some sound wokring there.  But I can not get
>any sound except the default speaker to work in
>xwindows.  My sound card is junkie onboard CMIpci.
>Now when I installed Slackware, it was able to
>compile to a newer version (sound driver vs.
>cmipci sound website driver).  So now what I am
>wondering is shouldn't xwindows use the system
>sound?  AKA run off of Slackware's drivers?
>Any help would be great appreicated.
>Rafael Cheng
>Address update:
>96 Rossiter Rd
>Rochester, NY 14620
>585-461-3539 (Home)
>585-987-3125 (Work)
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