CMI8738 + Xfree86

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	I did some more research after it was
point out (thanks) that I did not have enough

The board that I am running is a PCCHIPS 741LMRT
The cpu is a 400 MHz Celeron, 128 MB SDRAM (will
upgrade to 256 later on), onboard video (SiS620 8
MB VRAM), onboard C-Media sound card (CMI-8738

The os that I am running is again Slackware (9.0

Now I was able to configure the video card just
fine under xfree (found the card under its list
of supported cards) and my MS scroll wheel optical
trackball.  But the only thing that I can not
figure out is the sound.

Now the os loads the drivers during boot and finds
the card just fine.  But how can I get xfree to
use those drivers?  Or where shound I download


Rafael Cheng

On Sun, 24 Nov 2002, Mr. Rafael Cheng wrote:

 Hello folks,
 	Since I am writing to this newsgroup you
 all can tell I am a newbie.  Anyhow I am trying to
 get sound working in Xwindows.  I am currently
 running Slackware (recent version) and was able to
 get some sound wokring there.  But I can not get
 any sound except the default speaker to work in
 xwindows.  My sound card is junkie onboard CMIpci.
 Now when I installed Slackware, it was able to
 compile to a newer version (sound driver vs.
 cmipci sound website driver).  So now what I am
 wondering is shouldn't xwindows use the system
 sound?  AKA run off of Slackware's drivers?

 Any help would be great appreicated.


 Rafael Cheng
 Address update:
 96 Rossiter Rd
 Rochester, NY 14620

 585-461-3539 (Home)
 585-987-3125 (Work)


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