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Hi Kenny,

I do not think that I can help you, but important information for all is
what XFree86 version you have. It might also help to know which
Slakware distribution you have installed.

Also I think it might be important to really verify which video card
you have. I guess it sits on the PCI-bus, so you should be able to
run "lspci" to detect the card.


At 14:43 2002-11-24 +0000, you wrote:
>Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this and help out!
>  The situation as it stands so far is that:
>I have installed Slackware Linux on a 1995 Micron Millennia Box, i586 with a 
>Diamond Stealth (64?)2001
>video card in it. I believe the chipset is an S3 Trio 3D... For whatever 
>reason the Super Probe program doesn't exist on my Slackware system, so I 
>havent been able to probe the card and find out the exact chipset, but I'm 
>fairly sure its the S3 Trio 3D...
>  Okay, so now that we're at the heart of this thing... startx wont open up 
>the Xwindow system... I ran the XF86Config program SEVERAL :) times, and 
>went through EVERY Diamond Stealth card option that was in there and none of 
>them worked for me.  As it stands right now, I  know that I'm definately  
>doing something the wrong way, but its not necessarily in the picking of the 
>video card itsself... I think its got something to do with my not having the 
>proper Xwindow server built into my system.
>  So I did the logical thing to do and referenced the Slackware Book and got 
>an interesting answer... According to Slackware, they by default install 3 
>or 4 Xservers that work with MOST (the majority) of the VGA/SVGA video cards 
>out there when you do a build... Okay... things are starting to clear up... 
>I dont think I have the proper Xserver built in there for XF86Config to work 
>with the chipset on my video card... (I would like to apologize if I 
>misunderstand how this whole thing works, if I'm getting this wrong, I DO 
>tend to make LOTS of mistakes :) I have no idea how to find, build and 
>install a new Xserver, or even which one I need to work with my card, or 
>even if I'm thinking about this the right way you know... So if you could 
>help me in any way at all I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thank you again for 
>your time!
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