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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this and help out!
The situation as it stands so far is that:
I have installed Slackware Linux on a 1995 Micron Millennia Box, i586 with a Diamond Stealth (64?)2001
video card in it. I believe the chipset is an S3 Trio 3D... For whatever reason the Super Probe program doesn't exist on my Slackware system, so I havent been able to probe the card and find out the exact chipset, but I'm fairly sure its the S3 Trio 3D...
Okay, so now that we're at the heart of this thing... startx wont open up the Xwindow system... I ran the XF86Config program SEVERAL :) times, and went through EVERY Diamond Stealth card option that was in there and none of them worked for me. As it stands right now, I know that I'm definately doing something the wrong way, but its not necessarily in the picking of the video card itsself... I think its got something to do with my not having the proper Xwindow server built into my system.
So I did the logical thing to do and referenced the Slackware Book and got an interesting answer... According to Slackware, they by default install 3 or 4 Xservers that work with MOST (the majority) of the VGA/SVGA video cards out there when you do a build... Okay... things are starting to clear up... I dont think I have the proper Xserver built in there for XF86Config to work with the chipset on my video card... (I would like to apologize if I misunderstand how this whole thing works, if I'm getting this wrong, I DO tend to make LOTS of mistakes :) I have no idea how to find, build and install a new Xserver, or even which one I need to work with my card, or even if I'm thinking about this the right way you know... So if you could help me in any way at all I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thank you again for your time!

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