"Automatic" generated modeline has a max refresh rate of 85Hz?

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I have been looking for information about this issue, but not found any
resources. However, a search on the web indicates that I am not the only
one with questions about this...

The modelines automatically generated by XFree86 seems to give a refresh
rate of maximum 85 Hz. You have to generate a modeline manually to
achieve a higher refresh rate. Is this intentional?
A higher refresh rate than 85 Hz may be difficult to see with the eye,
but I wanted to at least try my monitor at a higher refresh rate.

Ideally, XFree86 would always be configured to use "Optimal" refresh
rate. That would make it simple to explain to users that Optimal refresh
rate is always used. (There could be a parameter to cap the refresh rate
at 85Hz. I have different statements if high refresh rates wear the
monitor or not.)

A related issue: Is the mode lines generated by XFree86 conforming to
the General Timing Formula (GTF)as defined by VESA? Most modeline
generators on the Internet does not conform to this standard. This
creates problem for the Nvidia driver, that can handle sync pulses with
a maximum width of 256 pixels.

The only thing I know about GTF is in the only gtf compliant modeline
generator I have found. There is not much on the VESA website about GTF.





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