Re: XFree86 4.1.0, Diamond Fire GL 1000 Pro, and "noise" inapplication windows

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>>>>> Steinar Bang <>:

>> Platform: Digital PC 5000 (Intel PII), 
>> 	     Diamond Fire GL 1000 Pro video card (TI Permedia chipset),
>>	     debian testing,
>> 	     XFree86 4.1.0
>> 	     (this, and all other packages mentioned, installed by
>> 	     apt-get from debian testing)

>> X works well on this machine in a 1280x1024x16bit resolution,
>> except for "line noise" showing up in application windows.  The
>> noise looks a bit like a digitally encrypted TV channel: horisontal
>> stripes of different lengths and colours.

The problem was that the video memory size was mistetected to be 8MB.
My card has 4MB onboard memory.

When I put 
	VideoRam    4096
in the "Device" section, the problem went away.

Thanx to Alan Hourihane for finding the solution.

The memory mistedetection occured with both 4.2.1, and CVS HEAD, not
just with 4.1.0.

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