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> Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 18:28:13 +0000 (GMT)
> From: Mukhben Singh <>
> To:
> Subject: Re: X locks up the complete system
> Reply-To: newbie@XFree86.Org
> HI,
>     Although I yet have to try all the suggestions but I doubt that
> the hardware might be at fault. I don't have a separate AGP card. Its
> onboard. Moreover my system works perfectly fine in Win 98. Very very less
> crashes compared to the reputaion of win98.
> Anyway I wd try to run X with open case and see if anything gets hot. Can
> it be due to HDD settings? I mean do I need to check the settings with
> hdparm and see whether they are in compliance with the recommended ones.
> I occasionally get these Spurious interrupt IRQ 7 messages. I don't know
> what it means.
> Regards,
> Mukhben.

Have you tried logging in remotely (e.g., ssh) when this happens?  I've
had similar experiences (though on X 4.2.0 and with different hardware)
with X seeming to lock up the system completely -- no keyboard or mouse
response at all; however, in almost all cases I can ssh in and shut the
system down cleanly (incidentally, when this happened, X would be using
99% of cpu cycles, and could not be killed).

So if you have your machine on a network with at least one other machine,
I would recommend installing and running the ssh server if you're not
doing so already.  If you can ssh in after an X crash and X is churning
away at the CPU, I would recommend trying to downgrade to an earlier
version of X (especially if you had stable performance of X in a previous
distribution).  My experience was with ATI hardware, X 4.2.0, and GTK
apps, and downgrading to 4.1.x fixed the problem.  YMMV since you're
dealing with different hardware and software, but I thought I'd throw it
out there in case it helps.

Good luck,


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