"X" frozen pointer in i845 driver

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I recently downloaded the latest CVS respository in order to configure an 
i845 chipset with RH7.3. Everything went ok, "make World && make install" 
did all!
But some problems arised...

1.-Mouse pointer became RED. I fixed it in some configuration file lost in 
the hdd...
2.-ONLY when I log in X (gdm) as a "plain user", after loading most of the 
components of Gnome, an aditional "X" shaped pointer remains frozen in the 
middle of the screen. The standard arrow pointer works OK for the mouse, but 
there is no way to remove the other "X" pointer, and it is displayed over 
the rest of the windows...

Any idea?
I REALLY need to have this working for tomorrow... In 14 hours we will make 
a copy from the hard disk in order to get 6000 PCs working from this 
master... It should be repaired for then...

Thanks in advance!
Eduardo Gimeno.
IBM - Spain

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