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On Mon, 4 Nov 2002, Jason Riley wrote:

> This is unlikely as we are running the same top version. also the
> difference in memeory useage is considerably more then the meagre 32mb
> on my graphics card. also as i am running processes large enough to fill
> memory, i am overrunning the system memory when i need more than the
> remaining 3/4 of my system memory.
> Is there some optimisation of x memory useage or is this a feature of
> redhat vs mandrake? ( as i need to reinstall my o.s. it would be useful
> to know as whilst i am a redhat man if switching to mandrake will
> improve my memory performance which is key to my work it would be useful
> to know now)
>> Adam Luter wrote:
>>   You are probably using a tool (e.g. top) that is including the
>> memory onboard the video card, as well as the system memory.
>> On Fri, Nov 01, 2002 at 05:27:25PM +0000, Jason RILEY wrote:
>> > I've always experienced a massive overuse of memory by X (c 120M
>> > ram) but recently a freind running xfree4.2 on mandrake found his
>> > usage on upgrading to 4.2 was reduced to c 20M. Thinking ti save
>> > memory i also upgraded to xf86 v4.2, however i still use 120M RAM is
>> > there an easy way to fix this problem?

I think Lionel Lecoq answered this already, but basically the system is 
running as expected.  Linux/BSD/BeOS/MacOSX all try to use as much of the 
memory as possible.  All the processes compete for it.  The competition 
can be weighted using the "nice" command.  See "man nice" for more 
details.  So, if you have some computational process that you want to be 
given priority as a memory hog you can set it to a nice-value of "-20".  
You can also use "top" to renice processes on the fly.  Your question is 
not an XFree86 specific one, it's a general *NIX sysadmin question.  
Please use your manuals, Google, books and comp.unix.sysadmin.  XFree86 is 
working as expected.

Oisin Feeley


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