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Don't run X.  Or, don't run a "desktop" (e.g. Gnome, KDE).  Lastly use
a low footprint window manager (e.g. blackbox, ratpoison).

Hope that helps :) ,
  Gryn (Adam Luter)

On Mon, Nov 04, 2002 at 02:35:39PM +0000, Jason Riley wrote:
> This is unlikely as we are running the same top version. also the difference in memeory useage is considerably more then the meagre 32mb on
> my graphics card.
> also as i am running processes large enough to fill memory, i am overrunning the system memory when i need more than the remaining 3/4 of my system memory.
> Is there some optimisation of x memory useage or is this a feature of redhat vs mandrake? ( as i need to reinstall my o.s. it would be useful to know as whilst i am a redhat man
> if switching to mandrake will improve my memory performance which is key to my work it would be useful to know now)
> cheers,
> jason

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