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I have downloaded xfree  and am unable to compile it.  I am using
Redhat 6.2 on a Pentium III 850 and in the past have successfully compiled
xfree 4.1 and 4.2  (source was retrieved via posted tar files not CVS as in
this instance).  When I enter 

make World 

I get the following:

if [-n ""]; then \
/cc -E `./ccimake` \
-DCROSSCOMPILE_CPP imakemdep.h > imakemdep_cpp.h; \
else touch imakemdep_cpp.h;fi
cc -c -O -I../../include/ -I ../../imports/X11/include/X11 `./ccimake`
In file included from imake.c:288
imakemdep.h:342 Invalid token in expression
imake.c:1252: Invalid token in expression
imake.c:1330: Invalid token in expression

It appears to be a problem with the '\'  character.  When I concatenate the
lines in the file that it is complaining about
the build will go a little further.  I have tried both the default site.def
and have added the linux distribution with no change. 
Also, I do not want to cross compile, I'm not sure why the

While searching the web I have seen references to the problem on other
versions, but never the fix.
I really need to get built because it contains some fixes I need!

Thanks for you help.


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