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On Thu, 31 Oct 2002 wrote:

> I need to switch languages (English, French, Italian) very often within
> the same document where I am using text and graphics - in OpenOffice,
> specifically. s there some way to switch keyboard layouts on FreeBSD
> quickly and painlessly as can be done on Windows? On Windows, hiting
> Left Shift + Alt switches between keyboards. An alternate way of
> entering accented or "strange" characters (on Windows)  is to hold down
> Alt and enter the ASCII codes from the number pad, e.g. Alt - 0233
> produces . I was told that xkb (or is it XKB) could do this; that I
> could switch keyboards with hotkeys. Would this work in OpenOffice? In
> kde3? Where can I find info on how to implement and use? Thanks in
> advance, 

AFAIK, xkb is implemented as part of the xserver rather than a 
standalone program.  The utilities that make use of it are "xkbcomp, 
 xkbprint, xkbbell, xkbevd, xkbvleds, and xkbwatch".  There are applets
that allow you to switch on the fly from within windowmanagers (such as wmkeymapper within
WindowMaker), I think that you might be better off trying to make use of
"xmodmap" (which has a front end )  or you
could try using "loadkeys":  see "man loadkeys" for more info.  I don't
know about a specific key-combo that will do this.   There are also things 
like gnome-character-map, which I presume has a KDE counterpart which are 
like the character-picker apps in M$Win and Mac and allow one to choose 
accented character by pushing a keyboard picture button.

Oisin Feeley


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