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At 12:05 PM -0500 10/31/02, Alex Vaughan wrote:
>I'm having similar problems.  I've reinstalled DevTools (July2k, no 
>updates), and installed X via the Xinstall app from
> . 
>This installs 4.2.0.
>As with Lamont, this _has_ worked, but no longer.  I don't recall it 
>working since I installed Jaguar, actually.  (I'm sending this to 
>fink folk as well, but I thought I'd cast my line here.)

XFree86 4.2.0 is not compatible with Jaguar. You need to update to available at <>. While 
you are at it you will want to update to Make sure you 
update in order as mentioned previously. Ie. You have to install 
4.2.0 first, then, and finally in order without 
skipping steps. If you use XDarwin frequently you may want add 
yourself to the XonX-Users or XonX-Announce mailing list or indicate 
at SourceForge that you want to be notified of XFree86 releases by 
the XonX project.


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